Label design

The Maciaszczyk printing house offers comprehensive designing of labels based on paper, metallised paper, coated with dispersion or UV varnish, and self-adhesive labels (sheet, film, paper).

What does the label design process involve?

A label allows the contents of a packaging to be identified, and at the same time fills an advertising role, attracting the consumer’s attention and pointing out the benefits of purchasing the product. The assumed objectives impact the label design process – a combination of a marketing concept with graphics work. The process needs to produce not only a graphical file suitable for printing using a particular method, but a harmonious whole. The secret to the success of a label that actually sell is the right balance between tried and true information, and an original graphical layout.

What do we do, step by step?

The first step in executing an order is that we carefully familiarise ourselves with the character of the product that the labels are intended for, and with our Customer’s target group. This allows the graphics department to choose a design style to suit this specific brand and its visual identity, and to be appealing to the consumers.

Next, we ask the Customer to provide the materials necessary to begin working on the project. These are:

  • product name (or its logo),
  • label dimensions,
  • texts to be placed on the label (e.g. intended use, composition, contraindications, grammage, and other product information),
  • barcode,
  • product images (optional),
  • colours (text fields, text).

Once the graphics department receives all the necessary materials, it begins designing the labels.

The design process involves selecting:

  • label shape and size (for non-standard designs we can prepare a custom die),
  • background,
  • fonts,
  • images (we can use images provided by the Customer, original icons and illustrations, or images from the best stock photo providers),
  • product images (optional).

The next step is to polish the design so that it is a perfect fit for this particular product. During this stage our graphics designers work on the dimensions of individual elements, change fonts to script (if the text is to imitate handwriting), add textures to the background, adjust the thickness of individual lines, and fill the label with other elements.

The last stage is to save the graphics designs in suitable formats (e.g. JPEG, PNG, SVG). The finished proposal is sent to the Customer, who can then accept it or indicate elements to be corrected. Next, the graphics department makes changes as suggested by the Customer - until the design label is accepted.

Why pick our company?

The Maciaszczyk printing house has more than 30 years of experience in label design.

Using our services guarantees:

  • comprehensive order handling – from designing, to high quality printing (offset method on Heidelberg machines), to packing in heat-shrink film, to delivery to the Customer (we have our own vehicle fleet),
  • meticulous design execution, which helps your product stand out on the display,
  • design customisation to fit individual requirements – we analyse the product’s specificity, packaging type, character of the brand, and only then do we prepare drafts for further processing,
  • compliance with international standards (both for the EU and US markets),
  • a functional label with a barcode generated,
  • multi-stage verification of label colours (including the use of spectrograms),
  • design archiving under a unique name.

Sample implementations

Paper labels, UV varnish-coated labels, for packages, bottles, cans, design - Drukarnia Maciaszczyk

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