Self-adhesive paper labels in low volumes to order

Self-adhesive paper labels in low volumes (to order) are made using digital print on paper that has an adhesive layer on the bottom side, so that they do not require wet application to packages. They are most commonly used in the chemical, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries, in short production runs (from several up to several thousand pieces). The digital printing technology enables label customisation (every label may differ, and it does not significantly impact the label unit price). A disadvantage of this label type is a low resistance to weather conditions. These labels are used for collective packages (such labels are also referred to as stickers) and disposable packages. Application does not require specialist equipment and is usually done by hand. The labels are delivered to the customer according to individual arrangements - usually in sheets trimmed from the top or bottom for easier detaching of individual labels.

Self-adhesive sheet label for a pickle jar

Sample implementations

Paper labels, UV varnish-coated labels, for packages, bottles, cans, design - Drukarnia Maciaszczyk

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