UV varnish-coated labels (also above 80 g grammage):

UV varnish-coated labels are usually printed using the offset technique, most commonly on 80 g label paper. This paper is available in a water- and lye-proof version and in an improved water-proof version. Thanks to these properties it is perfect for wet glue labels (WGL) designed for jars and cans. These labels are protected with a UV varnish. The varnish provides the labels with a uniform, strong gloss, and at the same time protects the imprint against UV rays. This makes the label's colours more lively and longer lasting. An advantage of this label type is certainly a high resistance to weather conditions. They are mainly used in the chemical and food industries (vegetable, fruit, and meat preserves, etc.) Paper labels are primarily used for labelling lots of at least several thousand products. The labels are cut into individual copies, packed into 1000 pc. bundles, then into collective packets as agreed with the Customer. Application on products requires a labelling machine (label paper has no adhesive layer).

UV varnish-coated label on a mushroom jar

Popular label dimensions (in mm)

234 mm99,5 mm
236 mm99,5 mm
212 mm92 mm
212 mm62 mm
322 mm110 mm
497 mm147 mm
497 mm170 mm
497 mm235 mm
140 mm55 mm
138 mm55 mm
138 mm50 mm
138 mm44 mm
190 mm47 mm
200 mm47 mm
215 mm42 mm

Sample implementations

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Design and typesetting


We have our own graphics studio capable of designing any label you envision. Our graphics designers prepare designs that not only draw attention visually, but also make your product stand out from among the hundreds of others on display.

Label graphical design


Thanks to our many years of experience we can design labels to meet any standard, including for the US market. Regardless of what country you export your products to, we can prepare the best labels for them. Today, products bearing our designs are shipped to stores all across the globe.

Labels compliant with all standards


A good label is not just a good-looking design. The information it carries must be clear andlegible. On-site we also generate GS1-compliant barcodes in any system (EAN, UPC, etc.), necessary for cooperation with chain stores. Once printed, we use specialist equipment to verify their parameters, and the verification report is enclosed with every product. We also perform a multi-stage verification of label colours, including theuse of spectrophotometry.

Labels with EAN / UPC codes


All labels are archived at our site, both digitally and physically, under unique names. This way you can go back to a design even after many years and print it again. This also applies to third party-designed labels that we only print.

We provide label archiving



We print the labels using the offset method on Heidelberg machines. A state of the art machine pool ensures high print quality, so that the labels, regardless of what they are intended for – cans, bottles, or other containers – have the highest colour sharpness grade.


Below you can find the full product range of our printing house. Additionally, printed material can be enriched with dispersion and UV varnishes. To prevent physical changes in labels affected by temperature or humidity differences, immediately after printing labels are transferred to a heat-shrink film packing line. The unique marking of every packaging facilitates identifying each lot and prevents mistakes in their sorting.

Paper labels

Self-adhesive sheet labels

Metallised paper labels

Dispersion varnish-coated labels

UV varnish-coated labels (up to 80 g grammage)

Self-adhesive paper labels in low volumes (digital print)

Self-adhesive film labels in low volumes (digital print)

Logistics and transport

Company-owned vehicle fleet in the Maciaszczyk printing house


Our printing house has its own truck fleet, so your labels quickly arrive at their destination, whether it is storage or directly to the production line.

As a response to the needs identified by our Customers, we can optionally fit the entire process - from placing the order to delivering finished labels - in a 24-hour cycle!

Paper labels, UV varnish-coated labels, for packages, bottles, cans, design - Drukarnia Maciaszczyk

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Ask what else we can print for you!

Grupa Maciaszczyk spółka jawna

Wojciech Maciaszczyk

+48 61 8580 530
+48 501 748 635

ul. Łazienna 4,
61-857 Poznań

NIP: 783-169-11-63
REGON: 302193034
KRS: 0000897556