Paper labels for packages

Paper labels are usually printed using the offset technique on 80 g label paper. This paper is available in a water- and lye-proof version and in an improved water-proof version. Thanks to these properties it is perfect for wet glue labels (WGL) on jars and cans. Most commonly used in the chemical and food industries (packages, vegetable, fruit, and meat preserves, etc.) Paper labels are primarily used for labelling lots of at least several thousand products. The labels are cut into individual copies, packed into 1000 pc. bundles, then into collective packets as agreed with the Customer. Since label paper has no adhesive layer, application onto products requires a labelling machine.

Popular label dimensions (in mm)

234 mm99,5 mm
236 mm99,5 mm
212 mm92 mm
212 mm62 mm
322 mm110 mm
497 mm147 mm
497 mm170 mm
497 mm235 mm
140 mm55 mm
138 mm55 mm
138 mm50 mm
138 mm44 mm
190 mm47 mm
200 mm47 mm
215 mm42 mm

Sample implementations

Paper labels, UV varnish-coated labels, for packages, bottles, cans, design - Drukarnia Maciaszczyk

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